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Welcome to Mikmak World! We are very pleased to introduce you and your children to an entertaining and creative online community to spend time on and create a safe and enjoyable experience!

As a parent, it gets worrisome when your kids are surfing the net.
But Mikmak World is designed and developed especially for children to play games, interact with other users and have fun, most importantly in a secure online environment.
What you, as parents, should know about the Mikmak World..
• The World of Mikmak is a virtual world for children of ages 6-12.

• Each user can create and design an avatar to be represented in Mikmak.

• Explore and interact with other kids who have Mikmak

• The world has different areas each with a variety of activities and games.

• Users can chat with friends, participate in missions and win coins to “buy”
  clothing, furniture and unique products for their Mikmaks.

• Mikmak uploads new custom-designed games and content all the time,
  sometimes even on a daily basis!

• Games such as trivia questions, thinking games, multi-player games, etc.
  are featured in every area of Mikmak World.

• All content has been developed specifically for this age range and conveys a
  message of sharing and entertainment.

• All games are developed by DIC Network Technologies and tested on control

• Content is related to what happens in the real world such as holidays and
  special events.

• All content developed specifically for this age range and convey a message
  of joy sharing.
What is a Mikmak?
Mikmak is a fictional avatar where users can color, dress and accessorize their own according to their personal preferences.

Everyone can relate to their own Mikmak. Each character has the ability to express themselves through clothing, items, housing décor and many more. Every child can create a unique look in Mikmak World.
What are the rules in the Mikmak World?
• We prohibit the use of first names, phone numbers, address and personal
   information in the registration process and in the Mikmak World.

• Every message in the chat goes through a sophisticated filter that blocks
  inappropriate words and phrases.

• Anyone who writes an inappropriate or harsh word, or who does not comply
  with the rules, will be suspended from entering the world for 24 hours.

• Website content and chat text are subject to strict censorship.

• Parental consent is required for children under the age of 13.
What do memberships include?
• Memberships enhance your child’s browsing experience in the Mikmak World.

• Children are exposed to new content first.

• Certain games and Mikmak items are limited to members only.

• There are three membership packages offered.

Is it safe to purchase a Mikmak membership online?
• It is completely safe to purchase a subscription on the Mikmak website and
  credit card information is confidential by global standards through an encryption
  process (SSL 128).

• We work with leading credit companies to ensure a lawful transaction.

• Data encryption and transfer information is cleared once a purchase is made.

How can I manage my child’s account?
• You, as parents, have the right to catch up on your child’s online activities
  such as last login date, the number of expulsions and even change
  chat preferences.

• Click here to access the account management.
It is important to us that our children enjoy a rich and protected environment where they can be entertained.
We’d love to hear your ideas, reviews and comments.
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